Legal Assistance Office

In the context of the project, an office of legal help desk has been established within the Rusafa Justice Palace.
The office which was offered by the Iraqi Higher Judicial Council is located at the entrance of the Justice Palace with an easy access for the citizens.
The office shall provide a wide range of legal aid services, such as:
1- Providing legal consultations and giving advice on client’s legal rights and responsibilities;
2- Giving advice on the legal and administrative procedures to be followed in dealing with the legal problem and mechanisms for pursuit;
3- Quietly answering clients’ questions on specific court and claim procedural points, and reminding clients of any issues which need to be raised in court;
4- Coaching by hand i.e. providing follow-up work before the court’s clerk office;
5- Helping with case papers and drafting claims;
6-Drafting the legal and official documents;
7-Providing legal representation when needed;
8-Providing also mobile legal services such as police station and detention centers.

A team composed of lawyers, legal consultants and social workers will be available at the office to provide legal assistance during the working days and hours of the Rusafa justice palace.

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